Preacher’s 46# carp!

Believe it!


One thought on “Preacher’s 46# carp!

  1. Preacher says:

    disclaimer: I think that it is good for any BKUAA member to send in pics of their fish esp in the off season. So I do it, And I really want everyone else to do it too. I would love to see fish from my brooklyn fishing team.
    And I didnt write the “believe it” comment. That was MK louie being nice. If I knew that this pic was going on the front page. My comment would be Thank you Robert from Dream tackle for teaching me the “hair rig”. A rig that gets carp to hook themselves. Then it is just finding them. Go to dream and learn how to fish for these cows all summer in many waterways in the brooklyn area! They fight hard. and they are difficult to catch so they offer an amazing opportunity to develop some great finesse skills.
    Go to dream tackle, learn the hair rig. get the info on where to catch these fish, buy hooks, sinkers and maybe a a stcroix carp rod.

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