boat trip recap

We didn’t catch many fish on our boat trip last weekend, but Geralyn took a bunch of good photos anyhow. We met up with Alex Marquez and Altay and his girlfriend, and, for once, we weren’t ridiculously late catching the boat. Alex called it halfway through the trip as a bunch of people went to the top deck to have a dance party and karaoke something or other. “My friend says it’s over,” he said pointing to his fishing buddy at the other end of the boat. “These people brought their own liquor; there are people up there dancing around. This is not a serious fishing trip.” Well, he was right. Two bluefish and a bunch of skates for the whole boat, but there were a lot of laughs and good times despite the spare catch. Check out the photos below.

P.S. Jamaica Bay is heavy with bunker hiding out in the back.

all photos by Geralyn Shukwit.

marine park sunset

i think G was doing this on purpose so the mate could help her out.

see? that guy on the right is probably fixing G’s reel again.

there was some of this too.

paige caught a big skate.

and jane caught a rat.

bluefish number one.

this guy won the pool.



3 thoughts on “boat trip recap

  1. —lxm. says:

    great pics. btw, the guy that got the pool was a first timer and skeptic at best. said his cousin dragged him into the boat and five minutes before hooking up complained: “what a waste of money. could’ve used the $50 to buy me some more beer.” go figure. lol. we nicknamed him “choki” as in the child’s play doll ’cause of his sour attitude. LOL.

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