Montauk fishing videos

there’s a couple new videos right now that are sure to distract you from whatever boring work you might be doing. i got the heads up of the first one by John Majer and it’s kind of a dramatic look at some of the hardcore surfcasters in Montauk, especially that of Bill Wetzel, though Paul Melnyk is in it too. this one is by Animal New York.

the second video has actually been in the works for a few years now. it’s by Richard Siberry and is called “Montauk Rocks.” for whatever reason the film seems to be have been completed for a little while, but they may have run short on cash to get the distribution going, so this video is a Kickstarter promo for a good cause. personally, i donated ten bucks. i think there’s a lot of surf fisher-people out there who are eagerly awaiting some more fish porn, especially one like this with a pretty good group of characters. check out their Kickstarter page here.
(you have to click on the link and it’ll play the video in full screen mode)

who’s getting out this weekend for some fishing?



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