photo by ben

Ben and I went to a snakehead tournament way down in Maryland, a tiny town called Marbury south of Washington D.C., in the tidal Potomac River area. Ben actually did a show here hunting snakehead on Hook, Line & Dinner but I still haven’t seen it. Even with Ben’s previous experience, we were grossly unprepared. How were we going to compete with guys like the above? I’ve never even seen people bowfishing before and pretty much everyone had their pontoon boat or flat-bottomed metal craft outfitted with homemade standing platforms with no less than five 2500w lights fixed to the rails. They were shooting the shit out of these fish while Ben and I were paddling around in a rented canoe tossing frog lures like a couple of assholes. Ben actually lost five or six good snakeheads and one three-footer breached the surface about six inches from our boat while we were sitting in a foot-and-a-half of water. The tournament took over 1400 pounds of snakehead out of the area, but honestly didn’t make a dent in the population. There were so many swampy areas, so many lily pads and fallen trees where these fish live I wonder if they even noticed. After the derby there was a little shindig with Flying Dog Brewery and several chefs cooking up our new favorite fish.

The next issue of Fish Bum is in the works, mostly about snakehead and this tournament. We took a bunch of photos but since we both suck at keeping digital cameras out of the water, you’ll have to settle for Ben’s iPhone pics for now, though they look pretty decent to me.

photo by ben

rented a canoe, thought we were cool

i’m convinced there are asians in every redneck part of the U.S.. no, not me, the korean dude who owns this general store. Du Kim sold us our licenses and some frogs.

On our way back to NYC we saw this:

photo by ben




3 thoughts on “snakehead!

    • mkscrewy says:

      hey John. I’m going to take you up on that offer. This was a preview of something bigger I have cooking. I was just talking to Chad Wells this weekend. Still have your card, I’ll shoot you an email later today. Thanks!


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