derby dates set!

We’ve set the final dates for this year’s derby. It will run from October 1 (a Monday) until November 3 (a Saturday). Expect an opening party September 30 and a closing party that final Saturday. We’re changing a few things up this year, with details to come, but the derby area will remain the same: from Red Hook to Long Island City. I’m in the process of updating the fishing map page for newcomers and other people looking for a place to start. In the meantime, check out this ridiculous thing. I just saw a guy last night walking down the street wearing a shirt from this tackle shop in Virginia called Orange County Master Bait Shop.

(edit: Fucking WordPress won’t embed the video, check the link below.)
NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather


7 thoughts on “derby dates set!

  1. Preacher says:

    Most epic, death defying, month long derby in history. Let the rig tying begin. Praise be to the organizers. Thanks

  2. Moi says:

    Thanks for the info! This makes planning my trip to BK all the more easier! First time in NY and first time at the Derby. Looking forward to learning new things, making new friends and having a BLAST!

  3. Alex Marquez says:

    Thank you for the news about the derby. I think though that two important fishing spots are left out from Brooklyn in regards to the derby boundaries. The 58th St. pier in Sunset Park and the 69th St. pier in Bay Ridge. A mess of us frequent them and catch a mess of fish there. Lets up the ante on them Long Island City folk. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this great event. Yours truly, —lxm.

    • mkscrewy says:

      Alex, I’m not opposed to including these piers in the derby. I will have to talk it over with the other organizers. Because of our small staff, it may be difficult to keep these two areas in the loop, but I like the idea of expanding the derby. One issue we’ve always come across with these areas is that technically they are in the NY Harbor and the derby was originally started as an East River-only derby. I’ll keep you updated…

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