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oooo lookie here

I went onto the roof of the old rope factory on West Street yesterday while helping a friend move into his new office there. Lots of relics to be found still in the maze of newly constructed hallways and rooms built out of the original wood planks, windows, and brick. They film scenes for Boardwalk Empire regularly in a huge ballroom-sized space on the fifth floor: it retains the atmosphere of Old New York industry. On the roof we may or may not have dropped a brick down the service elevator shaft that still very much in construction. To the west over the river I spied the new marina pier they’re building out of the park at the end of Greenpoint Avenue. This was a few years in the making, but I was surprised to see it actually happening since that lot seemed to sit idle for so long. A couple years ago you had to sneak behind that brick building and avoid the hobo camp that was set up on the cobblestone street and get your line tangled. I remember for the first derby trying to figure out a way to rig up some kind of modified climber’s harness to attach myself to the fence so I could stand on this narrow concrete wall and not fall into the water. I’ve never caught anything in this spot, but I’ve lost a lot of gear there. A lot is changing around there, and very fast.

We’re still working out the details for this year’s derby. I know it’s late, but it’s happening fast. One little morsel I can let slip is that we’re lowering the cost of the derby entry to a flat $25 for everyone. No more $40/$30 split between new and veteran derby members. There may or may not be rumors of an “extension” of boundaries as well, but more details will come this week. For now, keep an eye on the water because there ain’t much left that’s old and accessible. Although I hope that marina pier stays shady for the fall. It’ll be fun to hang off the edge of that thing. Also, no snitching from the India Street Pier between derby members! Just pretend you can’t see me on the Green Street Pier (unless I fall in, then dial 911).

Also, the title of the post is dedicated to the late Robert Culp, who would have had his 82nd birthday a couple days ago on the 16th. Fellow Leo, friend of mine. RIP, bud.



5 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m coming to the derby from out of state. Does anyone know if its cheaper to buy/rent from Dream (do they do that?) a cheap King Cat (Cabella’s brand) spinning combo or just buy one where I’m from and pay the extra on the plane. Thanks.

    • mkscrewy says:

      i don’t think Dream currently rents gear but i’ll check with barbara this week. it may just be cheaper to bring gear and slip the baggage guy a little cash on the side to let the extra charge slide.

  2. Preacher says:

    Dream sells some gear that is so inexpensive it could be considered disposable. They have big old king cat type of stuff for 20$. For 100$ you could have an ugly stick set up that will last you for the rest of your life. But they have cheaper stuff. They buy wholesale and sell for very good prices. better than cabelas or amazon on many occasions for me

  3. Aaron says:

    I appreciate your help! I’m feeling less like a fish out of water (pun intended). I think i’ll aim for just buying at Dream. (plus a bunch of tackle, hooks, lures, …)

    Can you buy lead at Dream? It’s becoming illegal in MN.

  4. Preacher says:

    yes they love lead in NYC. of course one should bere in mind the toxic properties of lead before feeding babies with dirty hands. But yes dream can sell you everything. And if you really want to do some damage at the derby you will be able to save money on lures because bait is king in the east river. read the articles on this blog about chunking or clamming. there is nothing different that we do, accept that we dont use sand as a cutting board because that dulls your knife. Just come in from out of town and live on the pier, no sleep.

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