Look Here! Revised derby dates and new territories!

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Now that my roommates are out on dates and the only thing with which I’m getting laid tonight is getting laid out by these ridiculous allergies I’ve had all day, I finally have some time to do some site maintenance and announce our revised dates for the derby. Because of some scheduling conflicts and consideration of the warm year so far, we’re bumping the derby this year to October 14 through November 17. October 14 is a Sunday and the derby will start at 6pm, rather than midnight like the previous derbies. I’m more stoked on this idea of the derby starting in the evening rather than have everyone waiting around all day for it to start. We will have registration open that day with the usual array of food and beer to go around with the good times and vibes.

Also, we’ve decided to open the derby up to Bay Ridge this year, so the 69th St. Pier is fair game now. This should make Alex Marquez happy and get some pier pride going throughout the derby. We’re trying to figure out a way to award the pier with the most big fish this fall. It will probably have to be something semi-illegal and mostly permanent, but we’re still tinkering with ideas. Any suggestions, send ’em my way through the site.

Submissions will work the same way as last year—email or text photos to bkderby.catch@pikchur.com, where the pics will be hosted on our Flickr page. If you cheat, we have ways to find out, so let’s keep this a good time for everyone. More derby fun stuff coming soon!



12 thoughts on “Look Here! Revised derby dates and new territories!

  1. alex m. says:

    Fuckin’ A! I’ll be your pier snitch and report on all things illegal. Lol. Great news about dates and boundaries. I’ll be the first to buy you a beer on opening night. Fish On brothers and sisters! Peace..

  2. Moi says:

    First timer here again, oh and out of stater… I’m assuming your end of derby party is no longer in the beginning of Nov? Dang. I’ll miss that! I guess I’ll have to make some friends and have a party of my own.

    • Preacher says:

      best place to eat,
      N5th pier, when it is cold enough to chase away photo people.
      A hot pizza delivered by whoever has a bike and is not fishing
      A paper bag over a bottle of red wine.
      fruit and nut bar for desert.
      listening for fishy bells

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