it’s coming!

The derby is less than a month away and we’re getting things together, starting with this awesome new poster done by long-time BKUAA graphic artist Annica Lydenberg at Dirty Bandits. Time to change things up! We’ll have posters up and around town this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled. We’re working on sponsors and prizes—if anyone would like to contribute or be a part of the sponsor-side of the derby, please email us at The online registration is offline for the moment until we take care of some bank account stuff, but we should have in-store registration at Dream this weekend. I will make a separate post on that when it’s a go. Don’t forget, we lowered the entry price to a flat $25 for everyone. With the new poster and the weather as it is (except today’s crazy wind and rain), I’m starting to get that stoked derby feeling again….


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