registration up at DREAM

I dropped off some materials to Barbara and Robert at Dream this afternoon, along with some teaser posters like the ones above while our “official” posters are getting printed. So registration is up at Dream! I still have to get some things sorted out before I put the online registration page back up on the site—we have to get an official BKUAA bank account in order and then the Paypal will be set up again. It’s a pain but it will be ready before the derby starts so sit tight and I’ll update everyone when that happens. For now, enjoy this ridiculously good weather we’re having today. A couple friends are out east at the Montauk Classic this weekend. Word is the leading bass are 46# and 38# so far. Think there’s fish that big coming in the fall for us?

Also, we’re still looking for more sponsors to donate prizes and $$$, of course. We have plans to run weekly raffles at the meetups and more categories than just biggest fish as usual. If you’re a business owner or know of any businesses you’d think would be interested, shoot me an email at



4 thoughts on “registration up at DREAM

  1. moi says:

    I’m sure you’re tired of my questions (they’ll stop soon, maybe), but do you have to register before the derby officially starts or can you register (and get the awesome t-shirt) at any time during the derby? Hopefully anytime since i’m not i’m town until Oct 30. I’ll push my limits and ask one more dumb question…is there a calender of events, ie fun stuffhappening during the derby?

    • mkscrewy says:

      You only have to register before you start submitting derby entries (pictures of fish). Registration is open throughout the derby, so there’s no worries there. Online registration will be up this weekend; had to work out a few things with PayPal and getting the new entry/package prices together, so that’s taking a little bit longer than I wanted.

      There will be a schedule of events for sure. We’re still hammering out a couple small details to finalize it, but it will most definitely be available to view before the derby starts. Each week we’re going to have a little side contest in addition to the biggest striped bass/bluefish categories. Some fun stuff like biggest eel, most crabs, ugliest ugly fish etc…

  2. Moi says:

    Thanks mkscrewy!! Don’t be surprised if I post on here when I get to Brooklyn wondering if anyone (the more the merrier) wants to grab a drink! I’m wanting to have as much fun and meet as many of you guys as possible! Woot! (I know that comes across as uber dorky). lol

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