catch them now…

viva el chupo. photo by Geralyn.

because according to this report, fish will be up to 25 percent smaller in another 40 or so years due to climate change. From the article: As ocean temperatures increase, so do the body temperatures of fish. But, according to lead author, Dr William Cheung, from the University of British Columbia, the level of oxygen in the water is key.

“Rising temperatures directly increase the metabolic rate of the fish’s body function,” he told BBC News.

“This leads to an increase in oxygen demand for normal body activities. So the fish will run out of oxygen for growth at a smaller body size.”

The research team also used its model to predict fish movements as a result of warming waters. The group believes that most fish populations will move towards the Earth’s poles at a rate of up to 36km per decade.

“So in, say, the North Sea,” says Dr Cheung, “one would expect to see more smaller-body fish from tropical waters in the future.”

Not only is this a concern for the future, but scientists have already observed a decrease in the size of Atlantic cod and haddock—two white fish that are already drastically over fished. There’s also the possibility that the longer term effects of smaller fish size may result in smaller fish stocks due to the breeding capacity of the fish: smaller fish carry less eggs than their bigger counterparts. The overall effect may mean less fish.

Sigh. On to better news, the online registration will be up this weekend, come hell or high water. I’m whipping this horse pretty hard as we gear up about a week away from the derby opening. More good news: Robin Shulman of Eat the City will be speaking at the derby opening. She wrote a fantastic chapter on fishing in New York City, the history of both fishing and the industry that powered places like Fulton Street Market, as well as the environmental impact of eating fish from the East River. It really is, I feel, a must-read for anyone who’s fished around NYC and wants to know the background and look forward to the future of waterways in the city. Don’t miss out.

The meetups are coming together as we’re finalizing locations and dates. The schedule will be posted on the site, along with the dates and other fun, weekly side-contests as well. Photographer buddy Geralyn Shukwit is generously donating a few prints to the prize cache—if you’ve fished the piers or been around the derby for a few years, then you’ve definitely seen G shooting away. The above image is just one of many incredible photos Geralyn has taken of fishing in Brooklyn and in other lands (see more of her fish work here). Someone is going to get lucky. Starting to get excited for the derby; hoping to meet lots of new people and have some good times boozing and fishing like the good old days.

p.s. if anyone would like to be a sponsor this year, please contact me.


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