“Shelsky’s” Joins The Derby

Peter, owner of Shelky’s Smoked Fish weighs in on this year’s derby.

Find me an Eastern-European-Jewish-Rooted-Native-New-Yorker who doesn’t like smoked fish and a good story and I’ll give you a pickle.

And so begins my story of The Brooklyn Fishing Derby’s newest sponsor…

It was the olden days of The Brooklyn Fishing Derby 2010. It was cold and I refused to leave my favorite North Brooklyn fishing spot until I caught a keeper. It didn’t occur to me that after 30 plus hours of non-stop fishing that I might be too tired to cook a fish dinner. Or breakfast. Nor did it occur to me that my freezer was packed tight with individually wrapped frozen bunker (bait), leaving no room for my catch. News spread that I had a beautiful, healthy Striped Bass looking for a home, and Brooklyn’s own Peter Shelsky stepped up to the plate. Peter loved that fish. He worked his culinary magic transforming it into filets, steaks and to my surprise, fish stock. That’s the kind of man you want around your neighborhood during fishing season. And that’s the kind of man who opens Shelsky’s Smoked Fish.

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish is “a New-Brooklyn, updated nod to the traditional smoked fish and appetizing shops that dotted the Lower East Side and Brooklyn decades ago”.

Dropping by Shelsky’s en-route to the East River is now part of my ‘gone fishin’ routine. It brings me legal-sized, in-season luck and an excuse to taste everything. This year Shelsky is giving a lucky derby winner $100 of whatever thinly sliced or scooped up smokey deliciousness their taste buds desire. We should all be so lucky.

Thanks Shelsky’s!



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