derby 2012 open!

all photos by Geralyn Shukwit

We opened the 2012 Derby last night at Dream and it was a great evening to be out. I dragged my hung-over, zombie ass back from the GoRuck Challenge on Block Island and showed up in Brooklyn to see Dave Cole, Ben, and the crew at Dream handling business. The weather was great for a change and Ben had dragged the grill from out back onto the sidewalk for some city-style cooking out. We had a great turnout of people who joined us, a lot of new faces, which I’m really excited about, and a lot of familiar ones. It was awesome to reconnect with everyone from the previous years’ derbies, especially our resident fly-fishing expert, Shane Smith, who has been working out and is single, ladies. Look him up on Facebook. Geralyn showed up and documented the evening into the night with her precise and focused eye (no pun intended) that we love. Just a reminder, one of this year’s derby prizes will be a signed print from G. Pictures will tell the story better than words—I will make notes where necessary.

Special thanks for the night go to the BKUAA crew: Dave Cole, Jane Borock, Geralyn Shukwit, Ben Sargent, Robert and Barbara, and the crew at Dream, for making this happen, especially while I was freezing my ass off for 13 hours on B.I. Thanks to Robin Shulman for doing the reading. And of course, everyone who showed up last night, the curious, the enthusiastic newcomers, the dedicated vets—you guys make it all worth it.

(By the way, Bryce Godwin caught the Derby’s first striper with a 19.5″er from India Street last night. Check out our derby submissions on our Flickr. Also, kudos go to Bryce for properly labeling his catch and good form with the measurements. Please be sure to follow Bryce’s good example and include your name and fish measurement in your text submission. Check our post on measuring fish here. Bryce, you get a fish of the day pin from me when I get them in the mail, probably tomorrow.)

get your official derby hats while they last, or before Dave either burns them all or draws on all of them. custom designs available through Dave.

Barbara and the Dream Crew. They run a tight ship.

It’s the Three J’s Crew. Veteran fisher-folk who are not to be taken lightly. Great people.

Another formidable fishing crew. Note the previously mentioned custom hat design by Dave. Special props go to the Suicidal-influenced “Bananas” logo.

you know you’re drinking at a tackle shop when…..

Robin Shulman came by and did a fantastic reading from her book Eat The City and gave us some insight into the history of the East River. She also recommends you don’t eat too many fish out of it, though it’s cleaner now than it’s been in decades. Be careful out there.

Books for sale. I highly recommend buying one. Someone took a couple copies last night—a black cloud on an otherwise beautiful evening. I hope whoever it was catches zero fish for the rest of 2012.

The crew at Greenpointers came by and were convinced to join us.

Alex Marquez came up from Bay Ridge to represent. I’m barely standing up at this point.

Newcomers Joseph and Eric. This is the reason I love the derby: to see and meet new people like everyone pictured above. It’s just a good feeling to see so many different kinds of people come together like they did last night at Dream and later on India Street, seeing everyone just having fun fishing together. Eric is our youngest member so far, 14 years old, and he’s got some good fishing stories already. He’s going to be the first in our series of posts featuring interviews from Derby members, called Five Questions.


5 thoughts on “derby 2012 open!

  1. Moi says:

    This is making me even more excited to get to BK! Ahh I can’t take it! See you all soon! Don’t forget, we have to get some people together for drinks! Since I’m not from BK I’ll need suggestions and I have no idea what time you’d like to sit back and relax with a cold one. You be my guide. lol

  2. —lxm. says:

    RedStar Bar in Greenpoint is a couple of blocks from India St. Pier… Great place to unwind and enjoy a cold one after you run out of bunker.. 😛

  3. Moi says:

    Yep, on Bedford, (hopefully – having an issue getting the keys situated with the person we’re subletting from). I’m down for walking or taking a taxi. : )

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