Meetup today at India Street Pier @1pm

beers and mud

This is what I was doing yesterday. Today I will be heading to India Street Pier to fish for a few hours before making our way over to Red Star Bar for some beers and football. Dave Cole has something planned and we’ll announce our Sidebet of the Week winner. Entries are coming in hot. We just got our first official junior entry.

Jose lighting up the Junior division

Be there.


2 thoughts on “Meetup today at India Street Pier @1pm

  1. Kyle Lorinos says:

    Nice. I was actually at tough mudder yesterday too, but only as a spectator to support Team Go Banana. It also seems that I’ve been bested for the sidebet of the week. I won’t be able to make the meetup, but I’m sure it’ll be a good time. Tight lines.

  2. mkscrewy says:

    hey kyle, sorry you got beat this week. This week the Sidebet is biggest black sea bass. i’ve seen a couple of little guys come through already. I must have seen team Go Banana somewhere along the course. was a lot muddier than last year’s. we finished a case of beer by the end.

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