new striped bass leader

30 inch striper N 5th

After lots of little guys, we finally have the first legal striped bass in the derby. Hogan brings us this one at 30″ from N5 but it’s still very early. Hogan also won last week’s Sidebet; there’s still plenty of time to get in on this week’s black sea bass Sidebet. They seem to be digging clams right now, although Dave caught one yesterday on a bucktail. Way to break in the new VS and 9′ Triumph, Dave! Though if you were smart you would have bought the 9′ Mojo off me for cheaper.

Look at that black ass I mean black bass.

Our meetup Sunday was a small but fun gathering. Alex Marquez came up from his usual haunts at the 59th Street Pier and showed us all how to fish. Todd Wilkson signed up earlier in the day and came out to meet us. Andy Pan took some time off from Montauk and making us all jealous of his exploits to toss some plugs on the pier. I gotta say I haven’t had much luck throwing plugs on the piers. I need to re-strategize my plans for this derby if I’m going to catch any decent fish. I don’t like the bait and wait game, but Ben here found a way to pass the time while sitting around staring at those damn-ass bells, waiting to go off.

Coming up tomorrow: our first installment of our Five Questions feature. Stay tuned.



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