Today’s Meetup Cancelled

Unfortunately we’re cancelling today’s meetup due to the impending storm. It’s already getting really windy out there and in the next few hours it’s probably only going to get more unpleasant out on the water. Be careful if you’re on the piers today. Hopefully the weather won’t mess up fishing for too long this week. More coming…


4 thoughts on “Today’s Meetup Cancelled

  1. moi says:

    Everyone be safe! Evacuate or bunker down. My flight was canceled so I won’t be making it after all. I’m beyond bummed, but this storm is going to be nasty. Been planning this for a year. I’m holding you guys to drinks next year! I’ll watch the updates on the derby with envy and wishing you all safe!

  2. —lxm says:

    Bummer you can’t wait out the storm and postpone your trip a few days. Big bass have move into the East River. Hope Sandy doesn’t scare them away [finger crossed.] Hope to see you next Derby… Cheers, —lxm.

    • moi says:

      I totally wish I could postpone! Problem is…i’m subletting (err was) an apartment for specific days. She’s out of the country so it’s not negotiable. If only I was made of money! Screwy, I’ll email you.

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