High water out!


River is already flooding. This is the outgoing tide. Probably should head to high ground but instead I’m at work right in the evacuation zone. Alex Marquez wins last week’s Sidebet. He will get his choice of Superstrike lures donated to us by Jason Puris over at The Fin. This week’s Sidebet is biggest Uglyfish (Hacklehead). Prizes will be awarded at the Derby close.


One thought on “High water out!

  1. Preacher says:

    This will definitely affect the fishing. East river sucks for 2 day s after a rain storm as the sewers flood in. Looks like Jan and John may sweep it again.

    Still the same Secret spots, and since I cant fish the derby, I dont mind blowing the cover.

    Jan’s fishin the “N5th hump”
    Johns fishing the “Gantry far hole”

    takemefishing.com shows the depth of the east river and it is how these boys found these honey holes. But India st always produces, unless the weather blows out the river.

    Storm is just in time for new season of “preppers” on Natgeo.

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