News & Update from BKUAA / Brooklyn Fishing Derby

Dear Friends,

The damage that Hurricane Sandy has caused is devastating. From the Caribbean through its nasty path up north to the Tri-State area, we all suffer. As a community of fisherpeople we understand the power of the water. We follow the tides, the wind and the weather. We know not only the healing qualities of salt water, but also the corrosion it causes. We are humbled by the water which surrounds us.

The BKUAA has cancelled the upcoming fishing meet up scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 4th in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Much of Red Hook was submerged under feet of water and currently faces overwhelming challenges of de-flooding while many remain without electricity and food – and in some cases, shelter.

One of the ways we can help is to not minimize the impact of the hurricane. Physical structures have been weakened, excess waste has caused water contamination levels to rise – and as of now, we encourage all to put down your pole and help in the relief process.

For many of us, the Brooklyn’s waterway is where we get our news – not only about fishing, but each other. Although we are not on the pier, we very much want to know how everyone is. We encourage you to comment here, or post on our facebook page. If anyone would like to send a private message, please email

Be safe,

Here is a partial list of where to donate and volunteer to help Sandy relief efforts in New York City:

Volunteer for NYC Parks: 
Bronx: Van Cortlandt Park, Orchard Beach (Click here to volunteer.)
Brooklyn: Prospect Park, McCarren Park (Click here to volunteer.)
Manhattan: Happy Warrior Playground, Annunciation Park, Carl Schurz Park, Anne Loftus Playground (at Fort Tryon Park), Randall’s Island (Friday and Saturday only) (Click here to volunteer.)
Queens (Friday and Saturday only): Brookville Park, Baisley Pond Park (Click here to volunteer.)

2 thoughts on “News & Update from BKUAA / Brooklyn Fishing Derby

  1. Mike M. says:

    I work for the Park’s Department and the damage that was done to Coney Island and the Mahattan Beach area is devastating. playgrounds for children are gone, cars just dropped where the water placed then, personnal items from families in New jersey washing ashore. The pier at Coney Island will require a full renovation. To sum it up it truely looked like the end time at these two locations. The people in these communities could really use as much help as possible.

  2. Jane says:

    Mike – It’s heartbreaking. Members of The Brooklyn Urban Anglers are doing volunteer work but would appreciate you keeping us informed with news updates as well as volunteering opportunities. Best to you and yours.

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