new prizes from Jason@TheFin

Jason Puris is hooking up these prizes out of his private collection. Jason runs The Fin blog, which also has a photo/fishing app for your mobile devices. It’s like Instagram but fishing-centric. If I were any good at catching fish I’d be contributing to it all the time.

There’s still time for that to change this season, though. Jason is also the guy who first took me out fishing at Montauk, if you read that post last year. These are plugs out of his personal collection, including Crazy Alberto’s Tactical Angler’s darter, three SuperStrike Darters in yellow and black+purple, a SuperStrike Darter in a color never released to the public, and a DT Lures metal lip swimmer. A few of these are going to the SideBet winners, a couple others are up for grabs in the many and miscellany of prize categories we come up with about five minutes before the awards ceremony, so if you didn’t catch the biggest fish, there is still stuff to be won. See you out on N5th today and at the chili cookoff afterward.


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