we unveil the winners of the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby. Lots of fish submitted in the last few hours, including a new leader in the junior division.
derby submissionJUNIOR DIVISION

Shane Smith went out on a late night mission to represent the fly fishermen:
Fwd: Shane's fish

Alan Godwin finally broke the 15″ spell (all right, Godwins!)
Godwin's curse of the 15"-16" schoolers has been lifted!!!!
20" striped Alan Godwin India street pier!  Finally broke the curse of the 16"ers!!!

Hogan came through with the (32″) fish of the day:
Hogan 32 inch

Hell, even I caught a few fish last night. Shutout no more! Of course, no night is complete without totally tearing my jeans on razor wire and almost losing my wallet (twice), losing three rigs to the accursed Green Street pier (I’ll have to write an homage to it one day soon), and dodging the security guard. Even though I got a new phone, the pics still suck.

I swear these are of two different fish and there was a third one I released without taking a picture of since he was a little foul hooked. See everyone tonight to share more lies!



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