derby 2012 over!

BKUAA Closing Night from Jane Borock on Vimeo.

Another derby down, many thanks to everyone who came out to eat all the food I assume was delicious. Many prizes went out to the good people of the derby and it was a great time to be had by everyone until I, being the drunk asshole I am, forgot where I put the box of derby shirts (shirts are for sale, by the way, email me at It’s becoming customary for every closing party, when the times and smiles get bigger and better, the drunker the idiot I become. So far, I’ve sent out two apology emails to Roberta’s (who were a fantastic host in every way, many, many thanks to them), and am considering sending them a handwritten note. It may be necessary, though the details of what I did exactly are pretty hazy to me. Consider this factoid to explain my state of mind last night: (1) as the party was winding down, I put the box of shirts and my rucksack in my car; (2) about five minutes later I completely forgot I did this and went about frantically searching for aforementioned box of shirts and ruck; (3) the bartender kept telling me I put everything in my car, but I couldn’t recall ever doing it; and (4) I still have zero recollection of putting the stuff in my car. It may just as well have appeared there by magic. That was just one of the drunken, idiotic things I did last night.

Ok, enough about my transgressions. I want to thank all of our sponsors for helping us put the derby on, because, even though I think it sounds a little cliché it’s still true, we really couldn’t have pulled this off without them. We struggled mightily, stressed daily, went way over budget, but people came out and had a great time and that’s what matters most to us. So, for helping us do this, I want to thank:
Dream Tackle—it really is our home base and we owe so much to Robert and Barbara there. They did a great job through the whole derby keeping people informed and always come through donating amazing prizes and gear.

Roberta’s—They did a fantastic job making us look good. Great people and food, though unfortunately I was too busy to eat any. Many thanks to Brendan, Greg, Cherie, and the rest of the crew there.

Brooklyn Kitchen—Thanks to Harry Rosenblum.

Shelsky’s Smoked Fish

Fish Tales—Donated some amazing food (I heard) along with helping us out with our budget. Many thanks there.

Depanneur—Thanks to Nicolina and Garrison. I didn’t win it but I spend enough money there anyhow. Robert will enjoy this one.

Jason Puris at The Fin—is your heat back on yet? Thanks for the lures you donated, Jason. Hopefully we’ll see some fish on those before the season is over.

Sea to Table—More food! Thanks guys!

Red Hook Lobster Pound—Unfortunately didn’t get to take full advantage of this one due to Hurricane Sandy, but they’ve been big supporters. Many gracious thanks.

Acme Smoked Fish—Rich Schiff always comes through and has been with us from the beginning. Thanks, Rich!

Geralyn Shukwit—donated two amazing photos that the winners loved. Everyone knows G, or has at least seen her on the piers. She’s been with us since the beginning and has done so much to help our cause and make us look better than we actually are. G couldn’t make it to the party because of a family issue, but she was with us in spirit. Thanks G!

Matt @ Werd Ink—Matt busted his ass getting us our shirts even though we were horribly disorganized in getting them to him, asking ridiculous turnaround and having little cash to front. Matt came through in the clutch.

Annica @ Dirty Bandits—Annica made this fantastic logo that has been such a hit. She’s a longtime collaborator with Ben and has done all our graphics since the derby started. We owe her a lot for her work.

2012 Derby Winners

I know we had a couple sheets of scribbled paper last night with all the prizes and winners on it, but me being the drunk asshole lost it at some point during the night, along with my mind. So I will do my best to recall the highlights.

Striped Bass Winners
Jan Gorz, 43″
John Ruffino, 38″
Mike Arvan, 36.5″

Blue Fish Winner
John Ruffino, 32″

Junior Fisherman Winner
Ben Lew, 16″ striper

Fly Winner
Shane Smith

Most Stressed
Robert Piskorski

Biggest Scaredy Cat
Jon Capobianco

Biggest Trash Talker
John Ruffino

Biggest Slacker

Most Eligible Fisherman
Shane Smith (of course, as I was reading this one off I saw across the room that he’d brought a date to the party. Oops.)

Most Dedicated

Unluckiest Fishermen
Bryce and Alan Godwin

Newcomers of the Year Award
Sumin Choi and Kathleen (wrote her last name down but lost the piece of paper and forgot. Sorry!)

Double Header Award
Jason Stancati

Biggest Smile Award
James Hogan

Sidebet of the Week: Eel
James Hogan

Sidebet of the Week: Black Bass
Alex Marquez

Sidebet of the Week: Uglyfish/Hacklehead
Mike Arvan

There were more that I will add as people remind me/I remember them. I want to give a huge thank you out to everyone who signed up for the derby this year. Five weeks is a long derby and it gets tough out there with the weather turning and the fish being picky. You all stuck it out and are the kind of people we want to know. Running the derby is a sometimes frustrating endeavor for me, but getting to meet people throughout the derby and at the opening and closing parties makes it all really rewarding knowing that more people are taking advantage of where we live and exploring the river and their love of fishing. From the sharpies and old timers to the dedicated newcomers, seeing the smiles on people’s faces and their excitement when they tell me how they caught this fish or that fish, one story or another about something they saw or discovered on the East River, that’s really what the derby is about for me. And I, of course, couldn’t have done this myself, but only with a ton of help and hard work from the BKUAA crew: David Cole, Jane Borock, Geralyn Shukwit, and, of course, Ben Sargent for starting all of this. Much gratitude goes out to Robin Shulman for the reading at the opening, Krista B. for being one of our most enthusiastic members who never got to fish, and to Abbey Adkison for working with us and braving through all the footage of us not catching any fish (though we eventually did) and the razor wire at Green Street—hope the story works out.

And always, thanking you.



One thought on “derby 2012 over!

  1. Moi says:

    Sounds like it was a great time! Don’t try to think about the other things that probably happened that you can’t remember. It’ll only make you feel bad. : )

    Until next year!

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