lost fishermen eat one of their own


It’s a true story, I swear (see Outside Magazine’s blog), although in this picture it looks like he’s got toast and coffee. If we ever get lost, who goes? How long until we turn on each other? Ben could probably feed us for a week. [On another note, did anyone see Ben on Iron Chef America? That Bobby Flay really hates him for some reason.]

“We suspect, the two survivors could have killed and eaten their friend just because of hunger,’ an anonymous source told Life News tabloid website.

‘But both deny they have anything to do with his death. Looking at the body parts found at the spot, we clearly saw cuts.

‘It means the body was hacked to pieces.

‘Now the body parts – some human flesh and part of the skull – are taken to the morgue.’

An unnamed investigator was quoted saying: ‘What we found were chopped human bones, fragments of a skull and a bloodstained chunk of ice.’

He told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: ‘It’s clear that this person did not die of his own accord.'””

Check the story at The Siberian Times.

Also, thanks a lot, Lifeproof! The jury is still out on this iPhone case, though I can attest to its waterproof capabilities (it worked in Montauk, at least!). But this case also boasts about its shock capacity. I don’t even recall dropping this phone from anywhere more than waist level. I opened the case because the plastic screen cover-interface sometimes screws with my touchscreen, and I’m unable to do things like end a phone call (very annoyingly often) or switch to the keypad during a call. When I popped off the back I saw what I thought was sand from the aforementioned Montauk trip, but when I turned the phone over I saw this.
Can’t say I recommend this case, especially for the price tag (around $70). Fucking bullshit.



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