Hook, Line & Dinner Premier tomorrow at Red Hook Bait & Tackle

Octo Crop

Although Ben Sargent is the biggest self-promoter I know, he was unable to even get me a preview video of his new season of Hook, Line & Dinner. His newest episode premier tomorrow (Dec. 20) at 8pm on the Cooking Channel, but you can come through to a viewing party at Red Hook Bait & Tackle (320 Van Brunt Street). The B&T, like a lot of businesses in Red Hook, got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, so if you have the means and ways, come through to give them some cheer. Here’s Ben’s rundown of the first episode, which I’m particularly excited about since I know a certain story regarding that octopus he’s holding up there.

Episode # 1 – Follow Ben across thousands of miles to beautiful Oahu Hawaii where he hunts for octopus, surfs, farms seaweed, and pounds poi in a loincloth! The episode culminates in an exciting cooking challenge with a local award winning chef in this amazing island paradise.

Gathering starts at 7pm. See you there.



One thought on “Hook, Line & Dinner Premier tomorrow at Red Hook Bait & Tackle

  1. Preacher says:

    I saw the Oahu episode last night. Very funny. Ben’s running a great show. I chose it over wicked tuna,!!! I finally understand what Ben’s role as a chef is within the show.
    Wish I could be a the premier. Great work Ben, you should be very proud (but not so much that it comes across on the screen).

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