fly fishing nyc 2012

Happy New Year fisher-folk! Hoping this year brings many smiles and good times fishing around our area. For the past couple years around this time, I’m usually hunting around StripersOnline, searching for the new fly fishing video by Peter Laurelli. I’ve posted his videos in the past, and they’re so well done that I, like many other fishing people holed up in our homes and apartments from the winter winds and freezing rain, just sit around and watch and marvel at a guy filming himself at fishing spots around the area. Imagine how hard it must be for a six guys standing around waiting for Ben to catch a fish on camera, and then picture the amount of work Peter has to put in solo. This year’s video is actually a trailer for a longer film Peter has submitted to the International Fly Fishing Tour, and the short version is all he can show right now. But even at less than three minutes, his editing and cinematography work always stand out to me, and he usually ends up putting together a pretty good soundtrack. I really need to talk to this guy and find out how he makes all the time to do this, because to balance so much work with fishing and his family life must take a very serious work ethic. Really inspirational stuff, especially on these cold January nights. Can’t wait for the full version. Thanks, Peter!



3 thoughts on “fly fishing nyc 2012

  1. Preacher says:

    Awesome. Peter is certainly a great film maker. And the Solo thing should not be underestimated. If I had a dollar for every time I took video and cut out the fish, or me or everything else, Id be……
    Remember in Peters last video when he was at montauk, he constantly was trading his rod for the go pro stick to capture the blitzing bass. The fact that he still catches fish, implies hundreds and thousands of hours at his craft.

    This summer I caught 12 large sharks, and every time I had 2 cameras going, I would hand one or both off to other fishermen or tourists (pier), and Out of the 6 hours of fighting and landing videos, I did not get ONE frame of a shark clearly and not even close to a single frame of me with a shark that looks respectable. The more hours that I try to film solo, the more I respect what Peter does. I also understand the necessity for Ben’s format, 6 people to help so that Ben can Fish and talk. talk and fish. And if Peter was as savvy as ben, he would have 6 guys and a bigger paycheck. Bens success and his show are also awesome. Peters fish may be a little more prestigious though. If it wasnt for Ben and Bourdain, I would never watch food channels.

    Heres to 100 episodes of Hook line and dinner, and Peter winning the fly film fest. And MK louie having all of his dreams come true for his efforts for the BKUAA.

    What are your 2013 fishing goals?

  2. Preacher says:

    without you vids I wouldn’t have perfected my double haul. (perfected being used loosely here). Come west for steelhead. Or would love to see baja rooster fish action. Though my first rooster ended my striper obsession.

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