Peter Laurelli’s Full-Length 2012 video

Holy f-in epic. I just spent the last 25 minutes watching the full-length version of Peter Laurelli’s Northeast 2012 video—even though the video itself clocks in at a modest 20 minutes, I had to battle for bandwidth with my roommates who are themselves dueling for Netflix streaming supremacy. So I must do another viewing in the AM before work. This is easily Peter’s best video yet, the footage of the peanut bunker getting chased from the water is unreal. I think of how few people get to see something like this in person (I myself never have, yet), and getting a chance to capture it on film is something pretty special. I can easily see myself watching this everyday until the season starts again. I won’t spend too many words here singing its praises, just watch for yourself, like Peter himself suggests, in full screen with headphones ON.

For track listing and more info on his project, check Peter’s Vimeo page.



4 thoughts on “Peter Laurelli’s Full-Length 2012 video

  1. Preacher says:

    Spring run and then a longer trip for the fall run of course. Need those 2013 dates for the derby.

    Video made me really miss breezy point, need to make that jetty a annual pilgrimage. Rocks, waves, borgore, and lightning. epic.

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