here’s a fish

This happened a couple weeks ago in Alabama. Yeah, it looked Photoshopped to me too, but by all accounts it’s real. Freshwater caught on a live shad on an Ugly Stik. An Ugly Stik! Did you hear that, Dave Cole? There’s still hope for you. Seventy pound bass, a new Alabama world record….

Speaking of which, I need to clarify Preacher’s WR fish from my previous post. Here’s the email I got from Ted clearing things up (basically I messed it up by thinking it was his sturgeon. Oops, sorry Ted!):

Love to see the sturgeon pics again, but the record isnt for that fish. I did not properly submit the sturgeon record as I didnt have a scale big enough. That record is for a chum salmon all tackle length record. I have been organizing my trips by targeting record fish these days. Chum salmon was my way to break into the salmon area that I live in. But hopefully by next month I should have a much cooler one.

I got a certified catch certificate for the sturgeon, but the record for the chum salmon.

Fun though.

So it’s for Ted’s chum salmon, which is here:


Congrats, Ted! Sorry for the mix-up. The last I heard from Ted, he was sleeping in his car getting ready to hunt another WR. Good luck out there, man.

P.S. i don’t know how those spam images ended up on our Twitter account. I have to figure out how to delete that bullshit. Sorry for that crap.


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