may day


For those of you who didn’t know, I went to Iceland in the beginning of May, right about the time when fish started getting active in the area. The above picture includes part of Iceland’s national dish: hákarl, also known as rotten shark meat, or more kindly, fermented shark. This particular dish was served with a shot of Brennivins, a black-licorice kind of clear liquor, some dried fish of unknown type, and some buttered bread. Although everything I knew about the shark was a clear warning against eating it, I had to try it. It’s cubed, initially tasteless but gummy. If you wanted to fake it, you could probably chew it a couple times and swallow quickly and pretend like you’re a tough guy and that it wasn’t that bad, but if you really want to get the real experience, you must chew and chew and chew until something petroleum-like seeps in the back of your teeth and then quickly covers your entire mouth like it were some kind of living black oil. Then you swallow, drink a little Brennivins, look around to see if any of the locals are mimicking the face you just made, stare down the barrel, and wrap another piece in a bit of buttered bread. Thomas can probably back me up on this one. Speaking of Thomas, he just got married this week, so a big congratulations to him and his wife. I feel like there should be an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence.

So I figured by the time I got back from Europe that Spring would be over and done with, but apparently we still have some time left before we jump time-traveler like into summer. Dave Cole, some friends, and I went out to Montauk last weekend and didn’t catch shit. There were birds working the water off the point when I walked up but were out of casting range. I also didn’t see any other fishermen around for hours, but the upside was I got to knock the rust off without anyone seeing me. I missed a hit on some kind of trash fish near the rocks, which could have been a stargazer or ugly fish for all I knew, or cared. When the tide changed we trudged, all of us working through serious hangovers, to the northside where I finally saw some other fishermen half-heartedly pencil popping before getting in their trucks and leaving. This week I’m going to try to hit up the Rockaways if work allows me, but Geralyn found this picture on Flickr of a guy near the Manhattan Bridge. Wow.


Anyone into fish yet? I’d like to plan out a BKUAA meetup soon, maybe another boat trip if there’s enough interest. Comment below and we’ll make plans.



6 thoughts on “may day

  1. Dave says:

    I went out on the Marilyn Jean out of sheepshead bay last week, caught ling like mad, one nice sized bluefish too. Going out again next weds.

  2. Robin Lipner says:

    Caught a healthy short under the NC bridge couple weeks ago, not much since then. Going out on the Bullet Sunday for fluke. We’d be interested in a trip but please no basing from a boat, that just sucks! : )

  3. joelstewart says:

    Not sure if y’all have gone yet. I just found this site, it’s great. I’ve done some striper fishing in nc (we call them rockfish), but I’d love to get into something here in bk.

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