Meet Ben This Tuesday 7/30


Come out to support BKUAA founding member Ben Sargent at his book release party this Tuesday (7.30) at Powerhouse Arena (37 Main Street) in DUMBO. He’ll be there with Peter Kaminsky, author, writer, columnist, and editor for the likes of New York Magazine, the New York Times, Food & Wine, and The Moon Pulled Up an Acre of Bass, among other books. The book signing goes from 7-9pm before the afterparty starts at Red Hook Bait and Tackle (320 Van Brunt Street). Bug Ben about those damn lobster rolls everyone misses. Ask him why he’s the worst fisherman I’ve ever met. Ask me what Ben’s terrible secret is, and other queries are all accepted in a person-to-person format. Don’t miss it; it’s sure to be a good time. Ben told me he’s buying drinks for everyone.

Listen to Ben and Peter talk about their book on Heritage Radio here.

Here’s the press release on The Catch:

In 2001 Ben Sargent, the host of Cooking Channel’s Hook, Line, and Dinner, opened a surf and chowder shop called Hurricane Hopeful in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as an homage to his grandfather’s New England fishing shack. It was known to friends that Sargent secretly lived in his shop behind a secret trap door covered by a chalk board of menu items. He later became widely known as “Doctor Klaw,” the guy in Brooklyn behind the Underground Lobster Pound where he served lobster rolls out of his second basement apartment, hosting several seatings a night, and then moved on to delivery service, selling 150 rolls a night (with a complex texting and screening system). When the NYPD and NYFD came knocking on his door, he simply asked “do you like lobster” and served them his lobster rolls buying himself a little extra time with the illicit and profitable business.

An avid fisherman, home cook, and veteran surfer, Ben Sargent has been mesmerized by fishing since childhood. In his debut cookbook, THE CATCH, Sargent shares his stories and favorite sea-to-table recipes collected from his adventures, and teaches home cooks how to make all of his seafood favorites.

THE CATCH is Sargent’s love letter to the locals he has met on seashores around the country (and beyond) and the signature ingredients that inspire the cookbook’s 100 recipes, which are divided by species for saltwater and freshwater fish and seafood. Home cooks will learn to prepare fish in a variety of styles, and will savor recipes like Cornmeal Fried Oysters, Corn & Crab Chowder, Catfish Stew with Lima Beans, and of course, Dr. Klaw’s Lobster Rolls.

Inspired by the traditions of the sea and a passion for eating locally, THE CATCH serves up delicious inspiration for those who love to eat fish and seafood, whether they catch it themselves or buy it at the grocery store.



4 thoughts on “Meet Ben This Tuesday 7/30

  1. Moi says:

    Sweet! Too bad I’ll miss it since I don’t live in NY, but I do have the book on preorder. I’ll post it on BKUAA facebook’s page when I get it, but I’m making sure Michael and whoever can come will meet me for drinks when I finally make it to BK (making up for last year – stoopid Sandy). You must come and sign and sign my book (and I’ll squeeze fishing secrets out of everyone that comes, or at least try, or just have fun). Seriously. ;P Congrats! Hard work certainly pays off.

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