derby 2013 dates set!


After much wrangling, we finally figured out the dates for this year’s derby. We’re going to do something a little different this time around, and keep it short and sweet. The derby will happen on the first weekend of November, Friday, November 1 at 7pm until Sunday, November 3 at 5pm. You can register by emailing us at, and registration is FREE this year. We felt the derby was getting away from its roots and missing what we felt was important in running a small contest like this: we missed the people and meet ups and the fun of exploring the river. Too much focus was getting, I felt, put on the money and the prizes, when the real value, at least for us, was getting to meet new, enthusiastic fisher-people and reconnecting with our veteran friends. The good times are what’s important, and that’s what we’re hoping to recapture. So this year will be roughly 48 hours of straight fishing, same boundaries as last year, along with a few events thrown in during the weekend. Our schedule (more details coming) looks like this:

October 31 (Thursday): Pre-derby meetup at Brooklyn Ale House 8PM
November 1 (Friday): Derby opening (location coming) 7PM
November 2 (Saturday): Derby meetup at Brooklyn Rod and Gun 9PM
November 3 (Sunday): Derby swap meet in the morning and derby close at 5PM. Closing party location tbd.

We’re still working out some of the finer details. There will be shirts this year for all registrants. Pins for biggest fish of the day are happening too. We also plan to have some kind of tasty seafood at our events, so come with an appetite. More info coming later this week. Check back!



8 thoughts on “derby 2013 dates set!

  1. Preacher says:

    Thats gonna be a hairy weekend on the piers. Bring pepper spray.

    “Too much focus was getting, I felt, put on the money and the prizes,” I think that is the funniest thing Mike has ever written. Yeah everybody was staying out really late obsessing over the 25% off a reel coupon from dream tackle. It was all they were talking about. Oh yeah and that sweet lure that was a prize. I spent a thousand dollars on bait just to get that popper.

    It will be a fun weekend for sure. I say Carlos takes it. And if Mike wins, then he has to do another one next year.

  2. Alex says:

    Hey everyone, I registered for the 2012 derby but only made it out once. Definitely want to get more into this type of fishing, mostly been a freshwater guy. Anyone have advice for someone learning the ropes?

  3. Esau says:

    I started fishing not too long ago and I’ve become addicted to the hobby (in a good way). I’ve heard a lot about this derby (good and some bad) and looking forward to it. Let’s make it all about the fishing. 🙂

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