derby dates changed

Sorry to do this. Ben has decided to change the dates of the derby, hopefully for better fishing. Here’s his Facebook post below.

Hey Guys,
We hate to move derby dates but we are up against a few problems (1. the fish are not biting in great numbers) The other issue is our shirts will not be ready for this weekend! If possible we would like to move the derby to Nov. 8th, 9th and 10th in hope that the East River miraculously turns on and our shirts will be hot off the press. Trust me, we hate to change this as much as you all do…Feel free to voice your opinion. We know it works out better for some and worse for others. -B

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3 thoughts on “derby dates changed

  1. Kyle Lorinos says:

    I don’t know… I’ll still be fishing this weekend… we’ll have our first dip into sub 40 degree temps, decent wind, and a new moon… too many good signs to keep me away from the water… i’ll think of it as an early bird fishing derby weekend…

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