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fish now, beer later


I just got word that 2009 derby champion Jon Ruffino picked up a 36″ bass in LIC this morning, but have yet to see any photos for confirmation (edit: see pic below). Remember, all keeper-size bass will be judged by weight this year, and so far we have Scott Behr’s fish (above) weighing in at 12.08#. We’ll see what happens in the final hours and at the weigh-in at Dream at 3pm. Speaking of which, Ben has assembled an awesome crew of smokers and grill kings who are cooking in the backyard of Dream today for the closing party. Come by and pick up your shirt if you haven’t gotten yours yet, stay for the party and food and beer. I’m going to try to get a line in the water before the derby is officially over.


p.s. Here’s Jon’s fish!



One response

  1. Preacher

    Epic, epic, epic.

    John and jan 2 and 2. Epic.

    Greatest derby in history

    Army of volunteers next year!

    November 17, 2013 at 12:21 pm

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