while i was sleeping (reading)…


this came out two weeks ago and I completely missed it. Peter Laurelli, one of my perennial favorites, released his latest surf and inshore fishing video via Vimeo and I didn’t see it until today. Every year when Peter’s videos come out I have to kick it into gear and I know it’s time to stop fooling about and get my shit together for the upcoming season, and this video is hardly any exception. I don’t want to hype it up too much, because his film will get you hyped enough on its own, and his work just gets better and better. This time he takes a little departure from the Northeast surf shores and heads to the flats for bonefish and triggers. The part with the giant trevallys is un-fuckin’-real—that’s all I’ll say about that. Of course, he tosses in some salivating striper footage as well and revisits the Breezy Point jetty for good times. Always innovative and inspiring, here’s Peter’s 2013 SIFF video (better to watch it full screen with headphones ON, as he would say):

SIFF13: Islands from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.



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