father’s day


LONG LONG overdue update. Sorry guys and ladies. I’ve been buried under a mountain of work and honestly haven’t been able to fish much since I got my first bass a few weeks ago at dawn in Jamaica Bay, and subsequently was mocked outright by the peanut gallery on FB by people who barely fish themselves. BUT! I protested, that’s a 7″ pencil popper! No matter. Was still a little short, but I’ve been craving to get back on the water, especially since 10 minutes after I caught my first bass of the season, I heard a sound like water sizzling on a hot pan behind me and turned around to see all tails and dorsal fins of striped bass chasing bait into the shallows not ten feet from where I was standing.
It’s not as small as it looks I swear, he said.

This weekend I had the chance to take my dad and uncle out to Montauk for a fishing trip, which was great because those two are the ones who taught me how to fish ever since I was a kid throwing in a line in ponds catching bluegills and then largemouth bass. Also, these two guys can fuckin’ DRINK. We spent a good three nights together drinking hard, talking about guns, talking fishing, and in general having a great weekend. It always surprises me how much me, my dad, and my uncle are so much like my grandfather (their dad). Thursday night my uncle and I hired the great Bill Wetzel as a guide in Montauk. If you don’t know, Bill is probably the premier guy to guide you out East. Bill’s dedication to the surf and teaching others about what he knows is unmatched. We first fished a spot far west of the Point and then eventually made out way to the southside. Despite Bill’s expertise and great conditions, none of us hooked up. We learned a lot from Bill, the guy really does see everything and notices the nuances where things need to be improved for fishing such a challenging place. My uncle probably got a better course on surf fishing than I did, but even still Bill corrected some of my surf casting issues, showed me how to bucktail at a place like Montauk where it’s so rocky, got me out to a couple rocks and tossed Super Strike darters until we could cast no more. If you want to learn something about fishing a place like Montauk, Bill is the way to go.

I got pulled over afterward by a police officer for going 14 in a 20mph zone. Once I told the young cop we were out fishing with Bill it was all good. I didn’t even have to show him my ID. We ended up eating 7-11 sandwiches right out of the delivery truck. The next day we fished Browns and Turtle Cove pretty hard. The conditions were again very good for day time fishing: overcast with some rain, a good wind, early incoming tide. Out of the three of us (me, my dad, and my uncle), we managed one little rat, which I caught on a white bucktail. It was so small I didn’t even bother taking a pic of it, but what’s important is that I got my first striper in Montauk. Overall, it was a great weekend hanging with my dad and uncle, and I hope to fish again with Bill this year.

A few weeks ago I went out to Lake Mohawk for Memorial Weekend with some good friends. I managed to get a line in the water out there in the C&R lake (which supposedly has freshwater stripers in it) and caught a pickerel for the first time. But more fun was to be had with handlining some bluegills by the dock with some chopped hot dogs and a hot dog bun some kid left by one of the boats.


Hoping to get out more in the next couple weeks. I just dropped off my 10’6″ Lamiglas 1032-1m to have new guides refitted since the old wire guides were jacked. Anyone have any recommendations on wire guides vs. ceramic? Also, does anyone use ski racks on their cars as rod racks? One additional thought: I think I just bought a boat. More on that in the near future.



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