2014 derby announcements


Rough weekend this time around with a lot of wind, a few near disasters, some dubious law enforcement, and zero fish to show for it all. Hopefully in two weeks it’s a different story because The Derby starts November 13 (Thursday) at 7pm and runs through Sunday, November 16 (3pm) with a closing party at Dream. Same rules as last year—all legal fish have to be weighed in at Dream. Stripers and bluefish are all game this season and the river should be running with them right now. We’ve got a lot of incredible food lined up for the opening and closing events from our generous sponsors: ACME Smoked Fish, Brooklyn Kitchen, Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, and The Lobster Place in Chelsea. If you were there last year, you might remember we had an awesome cookout with some of the derby fish in the backyard of Dream last year—chowders, tacos, whole grilled East River striped bass. This is going to happen again, but hopefully with even more fish.

Registration is free again this year. Sign up at Dream or email us at bkuaa.info(at)gmail.com.


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