2014 Derby Starts THURSDAY!

It’s time for the 2014 Derby, and despite the cold weather blowing in, I know there’s some dedicated fishing folk out there who’ve heard about the mass of bunker hanging out in Newtown Creek underneath the Pulaski Bridge. If one were industrious, you could get a nice head start on some bait for the derby!

Thursday night the derby starts at 1900 (7PM) and will run through 1500 (3PM) Sunday, November 16. The biggest fish gets the trophy and all the requisite trash talking and bragging that come with it. Come to Dream (673 Manhattan Ave.) to register, pick up your shirts, and gear up for the weekend. This is the East River, so you know you need plenty of hooks, lead, and terminal tackle. We’ll also have a bunch of delicious food donated by Rich over at ACME Smoked Fish, so come get some snacks. I’ll also pick up some beer for you adults out there.


Here’s a brief run down of the rules:

*Registration is FREE, but you must be registered BEFORE you enter a fish in the derby

*Target species are striped bass and bluefish

*Derby boundaries run from the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge north to the Gantry Pier in Long Island City. Any waterfront between these two piers is fair game, legal to fish or not, but I didn’t tell you to trespass.

*All fish can be submitted via photograph to our Flickr + Twitter account by texting the photo, with a measurement clearly marked, to BKDerby.catch@pikchur.com

The closing party will also be at DREAM on Sunday, starting around 1530 (330PM). All legal sized fish are welcome to donation to our team of cooks who will be grilling out back just like last year. And like last year, the derby is about friendly competition, good friends and food, meeting new people, and the growing fishing community in Brooklyn. Kids, jetty guys, surf guys, fly fishermen—everyone is welcome. Can’t wait to see everyone Thursday night! Dress warm! Any questions, please contact me at bkuaa.info(at)gmail.com.



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