no time to get lazy


Two things usually run through my mind when I show up at a fishing spot and no one else is there. The first is “I’m about to have an epic blitz when no one else is watching,” closely followed by, “Wait, what does everyone know that I don’t know, and how do they all know there are no fish here?” I’m not sure if it’s my unbridled optimism that leads me to the first thought because this has never happened to me once, while thought number two happens all the time. However, this has never stopped me from buying more and more gear and plugs.

I’ve almost stopped writing in my log book; these nights have been so empty. A couple of small blues here and there, but the bass remain elusive for me this season. Still it’s nice to see the pencil popper get yanked under the surface, even if it’s small bluefish—they were a good eating size at least. I went out to the jetty on Wednesday and passed a few bait guys along the way with some big Jersey-size blues in buckets. With a cold front approaching, a falling barometer, and a howling Northwest wind it shouldn’t be hard to predict the outcome. The question of why no one else was on the jetty was answered pretty quickly and I got absolutely slammed by the wind and waves. I stubbornly stuck to the old fishing adage, “If the weather is bad, that’s good. If the gear is cumbersome, you’re dressed right. If the bass and the blues aren’t biting, and you’re still happy, you’re a surfcaster.” (James Kindall) I expected that wind whipping south of the Verrazano to deliver me bait and thus the bass and blues, but they never appeared. The ocean side looked like a lake while the bay side appeared to be churning like in a monsoon. I called it a night.


It’s mid-June already, but I hear there are still fish on their way north. The bait is here and balled up nice and tight if you can find it. Everyone I talk to is on edge that this is going to blow up soon—it could be this weekend. It’s fluke season too, so there’s no reason to give up now!

Also, I received an email from Capt. Paul Eidman of the Anglers Conservation Network this week. He’s looking for written comments to support bait fish protection from industrial and commercial fishing. Look here for a sample letter. We can send them to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council via traditional mail or email.

Mail to Dr. Chris Moore, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, 800 North State Street, Suite 201, Dover, DE, 19901 (please write “unmanaged forage public hearing comments” on the outside of the envelope.)
Fax to: Dr. Chris Moore, Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council at 302-674-5399 (please write “unmanaged forage public hearing comments” in the subject line.)
Email to Julia Beaty, Fishery Management Specialist, at  (please include “unmanaged forage public hearing comments” in the subject line.)
Online at


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