This is the trailer for about 2-and-a-half-hours of striper porn. There are some faces familiar to me in this movie—Wetzel, Jack Yee, Peter Laurelli (of the fly fishing NYC videos)—and I realized that one of the main characters director Jamie Howard follows around is Tyler Nonn: a guide with whom I’ve booked a trip for December 4 in the Chesapeake Bay. Howard’s film is a trip up and down the striper coast, from Maryland up to the flats of Maine, with all the usual suspects mixed in. There’s a good mix of old timers, sharpies, young guys like Tyler Nonn, fly fishermen like Peter Laurelli, and even world record holder Greg Myerson—who does not seem at all like the kind of guy who deserved the vitriol some people threw at him when he caught that 82# bass. I guess that’s the ugly side of the Internet and jealousy. Howard’s movie checks in at a pricey $30, but I expect this to be on heavy rotation in the winter months (if we even have a winter) while tying leaders, organizing gear, and sharpening hooks. It’ll probably drive me crazy during those months.




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