Instagram is really hurting my self esteem. Not in the same way online dating would back when I was a single man and my message inbox would stay empty for weeks, but not so dissimilar either. Right now I’m batting 0-4 on this early, but warm, season in the surf, dragging myself out of bed at 430-5AM, which I’m really not good at doing and am constantly amazed people do this everyday (granted they also probably don’t stay up until 2AM drinking beer the previous night). After a couple hours of fruitless casting I drive to work, pull up Instagram while having a coffee, and am inundated with awesome photos and videos like this:


Then there’s this guy:


Granted, I have a lot of respect for John McMurray and that guy Elias Vaisberg as fishermen and hard-working guides in NY waters, but I’m also apparently a jealous person. I like to pretend it’s because one guy is in a boat and the other guy is in a kayak, but it’s really just their experience that’s working for them. I’ve been trying to keep my early season arsenal simple with a bunch of small bucktails, shads (the ones made by Elias Vaisberg have good action and it’s also nice to support a Brooklyn guy), a Cotton Cordell 7” pencil, some Zoom Flukes on jig heads and skirts, and an SP Minnow. All of it has been for naught so far, but it’s too early to give up. Plus I hear through the grapevine of friends who fish Delaware and New Jersey that the big, mean bluefish that terrorized the surf last fall are on their way back up and should be hitting the beaches this week. I’m talking about 15# blues and bigger. I got lucky and got into a gang of them one rainy morning in the Rockaways last fall and crushed on topwater lures. That’s definitely some addicting stuff and I have to get back to it like a drug.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Rockaway bluefish

Hopefully your early season is going better than mine. After pulling some absolutely insane hours at work for the first three months of 2017 things are finally settling into a somewhat predictable pattern right when the fishing is heating up so expect more regular posts in the near future (my apologies to the 3 of you who may read this blog still) as I have a bunch of half-written stuff that I aim to finish up. Who’s been catching fish so far?



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