Peter Laurelli’s Full-Length 2012 video

Holy f-in epic. I just spent the last 25 minutes watching the full-length version of Peter Laurelli’s Northeast 2012 video—even though the video itself clocks in at a modest 20 minutes, I had to battle for bandwidth with my roommates who are themselves dueling for Netflix streaming supremacy. So I must do another viewing in the AM before work. This is easily Peter’s best video yet, the footage of the peanut bunker getting chased from the water is unreal. I think of how few people get to see something like this in person (I myself never have, yet), and getting a chance to capture it on film is something pretty special. I can easily see myself watching this everyday until the season starts again. I won’t spend too many words here singing its praises, just watch for yourself, like Peter himself suggests, in full screen with headphones ON.

For track listing and more info on his project, check Peter’s Vimeo page.



fly fishing nyc 2012

Happy New Year fisher-folk! Hoping this year brings many smiles and good times fishing around our area. For the past couple years around this time, I’m usually hunting around StripersOnline, searching for the new fly fishing video by Peter Laurelli. I’ve posted his videos in the past, and they’re so well done that I, like many other fishing people holed up in our homes and apartments from the winter winds and freezing rain, just sit around and watch and marvel at a guy filming himself at fishing spots around the area. Imagine how hard it must be for a six guys standing around waiting for Ben to catch a fish on camera, and then picture the amount of work Peter has to put in solo. This year’s video is actually a trailer for a longer film Peter has submitted to the International Fly Fishing Tour, and the short version is all he can show right now. But even at less than three minutes, his editing and cinematography work always stand out to me, and he usually ends up putting together a pretty good soundtrack. I really need to talk to this guy and find out how he makes all the time to do this, because to balance so much work with fishing and his family life must take a very serious work ethic. Really inspirational stuff, especially on these cold January nights. Can’t wait for the full version. Thanks, Peter!


Montauk fishing videos

there’s a couple new videos right now that are sure to distract you from whatever boring work you might be doing. i got the heads up of the first one by John Majer and it’s kind of a dramatic look at some of the hardcore surfcasters in Montauk, especially that of Bill Wetzel, though Paul Melnyk is in it too. this one is by Animal New York.

the second video has actually been in the works for a few years now. it’s by Richard Siberry and is called “Montauk Rocks.” for whatever reason the film seems to be have been completed for a little while, but they may have run short on cash to get the distribution going, so this video is a Kickstarter promo for a good cause. personally, i donated ten bucks. i think there’s a lot of surf fisher-people out there who are eagerly awaiting some more fish porn, especially one like this with a pretty good group of characters. check out their Kickstarter page here.
(you have to click on the link and it’ll play the video in full screen mode)

who’s getting out this weekend for some fishing?


as if this 70 degree weather wasn’t bad enough

check out this striper blitz video i found on the fishing site today. good lord!

anyone getting out there yet? i’m thinking this weekend might be a good time to scout things out. also, don’t forget for those looking for fishing karma for the upcoming year, there’s a Jamaica Bay cleanup happening toward the end of April. god knows i need some. i’ll send out more reminders as we get closer. for now, watch and drool.


cool stop-motion video on sustainable fishing (by a sushi restaurant)

This is a pretty cool video forwarded to me by BKUAA MC Dave Cole (does anyone have a video of him singing that song at the derby close? the one about him being the greatest fisherman ever?). The video was created and filmed by Vincent Peone, partially to detail harmful commercial fishing techniques and suggesting sustainable alternatives via stop-motion camerawork, before the kicker toward the end is revealed that the video was produced for a sushi restaurant in Portland, Oregon called Bamboo Sushi. Now, this isn’t necessarily some crass company’s way to buy themselves into the Green Revolution. Bamboo Sushi was voted the most sustainable seafood restaurant in America by the online journal Fish2Fork; coincidentally, or perhaps not at all surprising, the worst offenders rated by Fish2Fork were also sushi restaurants, notably Bar Masa here in NYC and Sushi Roku in Vegas. Bamboo Sushi is also partnered with, or certified by, the Marine Stewardship Council, the Green Restaurant Association, The Monterey Aquarium, The Blue Ocean Institute, Kidsafe Seafood, and other organizations.

While I think the above video is amazing in its own visual way, I do think the suggested solutions are highly oversimplified and geared toward engaging visceral reactions rather than realistically approaching the problems of overfishing, bycatch, and the increasing commodification of fish. Then again, they only had four minutes or so of video to work with, so perhaps it wasn’t budgeted to get too in-depth into real (and realistic) solutions and alternatives. By the way, a couple weeks ago I finished reading Four Fish by Paul Greenberg and I highly recommend it if you’re a person who loves fishing and loves to eat fish. The book isn’t going to change the world, but it’s worth your time to learn what positive alternatives are being attempted in terms of reviving fisheries, fish farming, the loss and recovery of ocean ecosystems, and also the downsides to all of these things.



Just a reminder that until the close of The Brooklyn Fishing Derby 2011, all derby members and friends are encouraged to join the weekly Saturday meet ups. Each meet up will start at a local fisher-friendly bar, followed by a group fish. This year we’ll be testing the waters by trying new spots and piers,  so make sure to check the Derby Meet Up page every week for details.

The weather this Saturday is supposed to be great. Everyone’s photos have been great.  It would be great to see you all there.

1PM – 2:30 PM
The Brooklyn Ale House
103 Berry St. (N. 8th), Williamsburg
Bedford L train stop

2:45PM – ?
North 5th Pier

* I wish I could include a photo of my catch, but that has yet to happen. Instead, I offer video from opening night. If anything, it’s a reminder that fish or not, we have fun.  – Jane

Recapping the 2010 Derby and Planning the Next

I’m not sure why I never posted last year’s derby closing video, but I’m finally going to do it. If you were involved last year then you’ll recognize a lot of familiar faces, among them: David Cole, Jane Borock (including the awesome footage of her first fish), Geralyn Shukwit, Ben, Potter, Bruno, Denton, John Ruffino, and more if you look closely. It’s kind of a nice little sentiment as we move forward with planning this year’s derby. We still are hammering out some details, so keep your eyes peeled on the FB page and this site over the next few weeks as I’ll be announcing the dates, registration info, derby additions, any changes to the rules, and anything else you’ll need to know. For now, check out the video even though I’m posting it about eight months late.

Also, that sewage facility finally stopped dumping into the Hudson, but reports are coming in it’s still affecting beaches around the area. I read one figure that estimated 5 million gallons of it per hour was dumped into the water. It’s awful; I’d give it a few more days before hitting the water again.


Surf Fishing in NYC vid!

Surf Fishing 2010 – NYC Edition from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

[Full screen is recommended!]

Peter Laurelli’s video is so awesome I may have to watch it every day until the season starts again. It has a dual-edged effect in that it’s so well done it really gets you stoked for better weather and to get back out there on the water, but the weather is such shit lately (with more snow on the way) it’s killing me that I can barely ride the bike to work let alone get out on the water. Some of the shots are just incredible to watch over and over, and knowing that it’s all self-filmed is mind blowing. He fishes some great spots on the Hudson and Long Island Sound and in the Rockaways too. Check out the part around 16:30; it’s just an amazing shot (out of many) that can only come from hundreds of hours of work. Great stuff—we may have to recruit Peter for next year’s derby.

I know that WordPress and Vimeo are bitter enemies, so in the good chance that I can’t get the video to play (until Maria or Mina fixes it) the direct link is here.

P.S. ben keeps promising me a video of the 2010 derby with the closing party, but he’s leaving to film his “Hook, Line & Dinner” series tomorrow so I have to bug him some other way.