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The Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association is happy to host the third annual Brooklyn Fishing Derby, the borough’s only common man’s fishing derby. The BKUAA now boasts nearly 2000 members, from old salts to eager beginners, foodies to beer drinkers, carpenters and graphic designers—and some very serious fishermen (and women!). We comprise an ever-growing group of citizens who want to get more out of their city in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner. While fishing abounds in Sheepshead Bay, angling in the East River is an often-neglected activity. The BKUAA provides a readily-accessible place for the many scattered but enthusiastic anglers in Brooklyn and the nearby boroughs to meet and share their experiences fishing the East River and surrounding waterways. With the recent openings of new piers and increased development along the waterfront, we aim to keep fishing access open for everyone.

One of the major goals of the derby and the BKUAA is to promote social responsibility (catch and release!) and awareness of local resources found in places like the East River. We’re looking for like-minded sponsors with similar goals who want to connect to with the diverse cultures and lifestyles the BKUAA has the unique ability to attract and connect into one focused (fishing) group, allowing for great exposure for long-time mainstays, new businesses, and local concerns and issues, such as increased waterfront access that affects us all, both as citizens and fishermen. We’re also hoping you’ll come fishing with us.

Last year’s derby garnered lots of press coverage—from the New York Times and the Post, to foodie magazines and underground zines, radio shows and even international Internet television. We expect this year to be even more heavily covered.

We offer access to several advertising opportunities spanning the web, print, and video.

Title Sponsor — $5000
* Becomes official derby meetup spot
* Hosts opening and closing derby nights
* All web, print, and video ads listed below

Top Sponsor — $3000
* T-shirt logo
* Web, print, video ad
* Opening and closing party shout-out

Mid Sponsor — $2000
* Poster and flyer ad
* Web ad
* Opening and closing party shout-out

Base Sponsor — $1000
* Web and flyer ad
* Opening and closing party shout-out

See our press coverage here.

p: 917-667-2152


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  1. Ivan Mezhennyy says:

    Hello everyone.
    This photo was made by my friend at 06/02/14.
    Ander Verrazano bridge in Staten Island.
    If you have any ideas. What it is?

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