2012 schedule coming soon!


21 thoughts on “DERBY MEET-UPS

      • bkuaa says:

        thanks peter! you should come and fish with us next sunday. we’re still deciding on the exact location, but we’ll email mid-week about it. feel free to sign up for email updates to
        looking forward to meeting you soon.
        mina, bkuaa staff

    • bkuaa says:

      i was actually just talking about trying get a group together to do a pre-derby party boat out of Sheepshead Bay. This will most likely take place in mid-September.


  1. Michael M. says:

    I’m an avid fly fisherman but rarely see others throwing flies on the East River.

    How many fly fishing entries are there in the derby?

    I’d love to have a fly fishing only meet up!

    • mkscrewy says:

      we’ve had a few over the years, but last year I think there were only three guys—John, Preacher, and Shane—to hold it down.

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