Register for the 2012 BKUAA Fishing Derby online through Paypal. It’s completely secure, and easy to use even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Packages and Divisions

        New Members: $25.00

    The All Tackle Division is open to adults using any type of rod and reel including flyrod. Package includes Derby Registration, BKUAA membership, Derby Tee, and Derby-approved Measuring Tape. Persons who have reached their 65th birthday on or before the opening day of the Derby will be registered as Seniors.

        New Members: $80.00

        Seniors & Juniors $75.00

  • In addition to everything in the All Tackle Package, the Big Hooker Package comes with a complete fishing outfit including one (1) surfcasting rod, one (1) reel, tackle (line, fish-finders, weights, leaders, 2 hooks, one set of bells, & more – what an amazing deal!), furnished by Dream Fishing Tackle, 673 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222. You can pick up your gear at the opening party.

  • The Junior All-Tackle Division is open to persons who have not reached their 15th Birthday on the opening day of the Derby. Juniors may use any type of rod and reel including flyrod. Except where noted, the Junior Division will follow the rules of the All Tackle Division. The BKUAA Derby Committee (hereinafter referred to as Committee) strongly discourages parents from taking children out of school to go fishing. We have an unwritten rule that no junior may fish during school hours. It is unsportsmanlike to do so when all other juniors are attending school. We expect all parents to enforce this commitment to education and to good sportsmanship.
          Adults $25.00

        Seniors & Juniors $20.00

  • The Flyrod Division is open only to persons using flyrods. If a Flyrod competitor is also entered in one of the All Tackle Divisions, he/she may enter his/her fish as All Tackle. The decision to enter a fish in either division (but not both) must be announced to the Committee PRIOR TO PHOTOGRAPHING/VIDEO. That fish is then eligible for the Grand and Grand Slam Awards, regardless of the division it is entered in. Fish may not be entered in the Flyrod Division measuring less than Derby length limits. Juniors fishing in the Flyrod Division will be considered as adults and must meet the same minimum length requirements as adults. Juniors in the Flyrod Division must still abide by the same no fishing during school hours policy of the Junior All Tackle Division.

If you should have any questions regarding registration, please contact us!

Happy hooking, and see you at the Opening Party!


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