[Updated 8.2012]
Don’t know where to fish? Here’s a map to help you get started. We won’t blow up anyone’s spot by giving away the best tides, times, and moon, but these are here to give you a reference point. We added in some commentary here and there. Be aware that some places are illegal to fish, and others you must enter at your own peril and risk. Many spots are public parks and completely legal to fish at your leisure. Please be careful wherever you go, especially at night. Bring a fishing buddy who can also act as a lookout if you’re planning on going stealth. Bring some pliers for the bluefish, a knife to cut line and deter any would-be people who may be up to no good. Be safe, be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the current in the East River (hint: it’s very strong so don’t think about swimming), be aware that we won’t bail you out if you get arrested. On the piers don’t be shy about asking the locals about fishing the river. There’s lots of helpful guys who are always fishing and they love to talk. Also, clean up after yourselves. There’s nothing we hate more than to go to fishing spots and seeing a bunch of monofilament, chip bags, beer cans, leftover bait etc. littering the place. You bring it in, you can carry it out. Oh yeah, have fun. The East River is full of secrets and history.


4 thoughts on “FISHING MAP

  1. Moi says:

    Thanks for this map. Since I’m not a New Yorker (hopefully that changes soon!) this is valuable information. I hope to make it to the derby!

  2. Aaron says:

    Anyone fish on the west side of manhattan? The docs in the 40s and by riverside park look pretty fishy. Let me know

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