BKUAA 2012 sponsors – Thank you, we wouldn’t be able fish without you.
Buy their stuff. Drink their beer. Eat their food. It’s all good for you!

Acme Fish Market
30 Gem St., Greenpoint
ACME Smoked Fish has been around for four generations and is one of the biggest smoked fish brands in the USA. Get your lox, smoked salmon, salmon jerky, hot smoked black cod, and bluefish right here in Greenpoint. They have Fish Fridays every Friday from 8AM-1PM at their Gem Street Warehouse—the only time they’re open to the public, so skip work and don’t sleep late.

Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook,
100 Frost St., Brooklyn |  718.389.2982
Premier place in Brooklyn to get the best cuts of meat, spices, and more—all locally sourced and farmed. The Brooklyn Kitchen has a steady stream of continuously sold-out classes in cooking and butchering for a good reason—they know their stuff like few others do. Just a sampling: “Korean Dinner class, “Pie Making class,” “Pasta Making class,” “Couples Dinner class,” and so much more. Check out their blog here. Don’t go hungry.

242 Wythe Avenue at North 3rd | 347.224.8424
A classy little market right down the hall from the job where I slog away my days instead of fishing. I seriously go into Dépanneur like three or four times a day, sometimes just to bask in the wealth of smells of what’s cooking. An excellent selection of the hard-to-find and locally produced—from mustards and chocolate, to fruits and hot sauces, from obscure European brands to the Brooklyn based, Dép works hard at getting it all. They also have a cult-following for their sandwiches. The most popular is their #4 turkey sandwich, to which I recommend adding Sriracha hot sauce. A popular place to work out the kinks of my hangover, I also dig the ham and cheese croissant embellished with some arugula, boiled egg and Sriracha. Make your own if you like; they’re into it. Also don’t be afraid—try the Walker’s tomato ketchup flavored chips. You will believe.

Annica Lydenberg at Dirty Bandits
Annica is a long-time friend of the BKUAA and responsible for all the awesome artwork we have for the Brooklyn Urban Anglers and the Derby. Did you see this year’s poster? Yeah, so you know she has the right stuff. Annica has a line of screenprinted and wood cut fine goods on her site, excellent lettering and hand-drawn typefaces, and a good, healthy dose of dark humor. They make great gifts for yourself or someone in your life who happens to have a taste for the finer things.

Dream Fishing Tackle
673 Manhattan Ave. between Bedford and Norman, Brooklyn | 718.389.9670
We couldn’t do this derby without Barbara and Robert over at Dream. This is like our home base: they have everything we need here. Bunker, clams, Superstrike Bullet needles, carp rigs, Kastmasters, lots of obscure, tiny plugs for freshwater trout, plenty of rods and reels for any budget. In the past, they’ve donated countless hours and many incredible prizes to the pot for the Derby. They know the spots, they know what’s happening on the water. Don’t be shy; they love to sit around and bullshit, especially Barbara. Robert is also one of the most knowledgeable carp fishermen in the state.

FishTales Gourment Seafood Market
191-a Court Street, Brooklyn  | 718.246.1346
Located off the Bergen Street F and G stop, Fish Tales has been around for over fifteen years providing premier selection and service to seafood connoisseurs in New York City. They’ve been Zagat rated “extraordinary” to “perfection” for five straight years. Party platters, catering, prepared hot food, and of course the finest selection of fresh seafood available—it’s all here in Brooklyn.

261 Moore St., Bushwick | Morgan stop off the L | 718.417.1118
Probably the best wood-oven pizza place in Brooklyn. Great decor and outdoor space, really unlike any other place in the city. Good beer selection and even better food. Check out the radio station and garden out back where they grow most of their ingredients. Conveniently located about two minutes from the Morgan stop on the L train. The neighborhood is quietly becoming quite the spot, and Roberta’s is the major reason.


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